Review of youth Rifles (22lr)

This is just a quick run down of a comparison of 2 youth rifles.  The Crickett by Keystone Arms and the Savage Rascal.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both rifles, but both are worthy of being a kids first gun, and something they will cherish for years to come.

My daughter has had her gun, a pink Crickett, for 4 years now and it that time she has become quite a good shot. My son just received his Rascal for his birthday.

Both guns are the same overall length and weigh approx. the same, with the Rascal coming in a few ounces lighter.  The Length of pull on the Crickett is 12″ while the Rascal is 11.25″.  Both come with peep sights and have mounting holes for adding a scope.  The Rascal has swivel mounts for a sling or bi-pod while the Cricket has pre-drilled holes in the forearm and stock for adding swivel mounts.

Both rifles are available in a variety of colors to suit most kids likes.

One advantage the Rascal has over the crickett is a spring loaded feed ramp.  This allows you to put the cartridge in the rifle without having to start it in the chamber. When an adult is putting a .22lr in the chamber of the Crickett, big fingers don’t work so well.  I also like the trigger on the Rascal, it has a better “feel” to it.

The Crickett must be cocked for every shot, this is helpful for a new shooter when you are emphasizing  safety.  The Rascal is ready to fire when loaded and safety must be manually set on or off.

All in all both rifles are excellent options for the young shooter.  If I had to pick one over the other, I would probably go with the Rascal for the ease of loading and overall feel of the rifle.