Well, looks like with a little work we’ll have 2 sources of water on the property, not counting any well or city water service.

There is a pond, but it appears to be losing some water either through ground seeping or evaporation.IMG_0091Here is a shot of the creek, from a natural spring.



We found the remains of what looks like an old well.  Just to the south of the pond towards the top of a hill.  We’ve always had a depression in the soil, so I decided to fill it in.  After raking back the grass, I noticed a ring of bricks, just like the old time wells.  Have a friend that may come out and take a look and give me more information about it.  Crossing my fingers 🙂

1st Week on the “Homestead”

Well, the wife and I spent the first week on the property, and it was wonderful! We celebrated out 10yr wedding anniversary while there. We worked on many things, first and foremost was getting the driveway cleared so we could drive down it without putting more scratches into my truck :). Next we added a 12′ gate just inside the property.
We were able to walk to the back property line, something we could never do before. Not really because it was too difficult, just a lot of underbrush to go through.
My father-in-law and I got to do some squirrel hunting as well, we each got one. Next up will be some deer hunting 🙂

Here are some pictures:

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